Top 5 Wakeboards for Advanced Riders

June 08, 2023

Whether you're already an advanced rider, doing flips and spins with ease, or an intermediate rider looking to take the next step up in board construction, these boards might be your ticket to progression. This list is composed of the highest quality and lightest weight (we even weighed them all for you 😉)* boat specific wakeboards out there. Let's check out the 5 best boards for the expert riders. 

1. Liquid Force Unity Aero

The Unity Aero was created with maximum strength and rigidity in mind, giving you a crisp pop off the wake. While you're edging towards the wake the four molded-in fins will give you plenty of control, and thanks to their warped design won't give you that feeling of drag that some fins do.

Weight: 6lbs. 3oz. | 143cm

2. Hyperlite Capitol Loaded

New for the 2023 season is Cory Teunissens pro model board, the Capitol Loaded. This board gives you a huge pop off the wake thanks to its 3-stage rocker. Additionally, the Dual Concave Base allows the board to remain fast on edge and delivers buttery smooth carves. If straight up pop and fast spins are your thing, the Capitol Loaded is right up your alley.

Weight: 7lbs. | 139cm

3. Liquid Force M.E. Aero

By the numbers, Meagan Ethell is one of the best women riders to ever strap on a board, and the M.E. Aero is her board of choice. Featuring the same Aero technology as the Unity Aero, the M.E. also has carbon bands which make the board super responsive. Although this board is great for the hard charging ladies, most riders can strap into this board and feel comfortable thanks to its forgiving shape.

Weight: 6lbs. 1oz. | 138cm

4. Slingshot P.O.P.

Slingshot only makes one boat specific wakeboard, and it's endorsed by one of the best riders in the world, Tony Iacconi. The stiff Carbon Core will give you a straight up pop at the wake, while the V-shaped spine on the base of the board will help disperse the water upon landing.

Weight: 6lbs. 8.5oz. | 142cm

5. Ronix One Blackout

The Ronix One is an iconic wakeboard that has been around for years and has helped push the progression of boat wakeboarding. This board got a major weight reduction in 2023, dropping over 1.5 pounds. In addition to losing weight, the One Blackout has been widened giving you more surface area to pop off when you hit the wake. The One board is old enough to drive in most countries and continues to give riders a blend of pop and stability.

Weight: 6lbs. 7oz. | 138cm

Wakeboard technology has come a long way since the sports inception, and if you haven't upgraded your board in a while, you will definitely feel a difference when you hop on one of these boards. We cant promise a new board will make you land hat new trick, but it will certainly help. 

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*All weights were taking with fins installed, but without any hardware or boots