Who We Are

WakeHouse has 3 locations and is Michigan’s foremost watersports outfitter. With over 20 years of experience in the watersports industry, you can trust our staff to provide expert knowledge whether you're turning ball 3 on a slalom ski or throwing Indy glides on a wakeboard. We take pride in going to great lengths to stay educated on all sides of the industry whether it’s wakeboards, slalom skis, tubes, kneeboards, boating accessories, clothing, or more. It’s the only way to truly offer the best in customer service when the family is involved in multiple watersports at a time.

Actively Involved

We stay involved with all aspects of watersports by hiring passionate staff that spends their free time on the water. We sponsor and host pro events like the Global Invitational and the Pro Wakeboard Tour. We are actively involved with local camps like Pine Lake Ski School and cable parks like Action Wake Park. We are actively involved in the grass roots efforts of the sports with learn to ski and wakeboard events, boat tournaments, winch events, and more.

Global Invitational, Pro Wakeboard Tour, Action Wake Park

Brick & Mortar

We have show rooms at each one of our three locations so we’re not just selling product that we think will work for you, we interact with customers each and every day and get feedback on how the product is working for them.

Wakehouse is located at 4155 32nd ave. Hudsonville, MI 49426.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have!