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Best Wakeboards for Intermediate Riders

November 11, 2022

Before we go over what wakeboards are good for intermediate boat riders, lets first determine what it means to be an intermediate rider. An intermediate wakeboarder is a someone who feels confident on their board, typically can ride and carve switch, has mastered basic tricks like wake jumps and grabs, and might be starting to dip their toes into inverts and spins.  

Getting a wakeboard that matches your ability is not like getting a shoe that fits your foot, an expert rider can have fun on a beginner board and vice versa. A board that properly matches your skill level will simply make it easier to learn and progress your riding. Let's dive into some of our favorite intermediate wakeboards.

1. Ronix District

The Ronix District is one of the most versatile boards available. Ronix markets this board as being the “chameleon of wakeboards”, meaning anyone can hop on this board and have a good time. The district features a hybrid rocker line, giving you plenty of speed across the water but also a nice pop when you hit the wake. With a wide range of sizes there is a District out there for just about any size rider.  

2. Liquid Force Trip

The Trip from Liquid Force has been around for over 25 years, and throughout that time Liquid Force has continued to change the board to meet the needs of modern-day riders. This iconic shape gives you plenty of surface area at the tip and tail, making the board pop well off the wake. Additionally, if you find yourself on the cusp of that beginner to intermediate riding level, taking out the removable center fin will help you learn to cut and turn using more of your edge, as opposed to relying on your fins.

3. Hyperlite Cryptic

The Cryptic was released in 2022 and is Josh Twelkers first pro model board with Hyperlite, but don’t let the words “pro model” confuse you, this board is forgiving thanks to its variable edge design. Simply put, the Cryptic will break loose relatively easily but will hold a solid edge if you cut aggressively, as the edge is sharpest towards the tip and tail of the board, but softest in the middle. Want a playful and fast board that pops consistently at the wake? The Cryptic is a solid option.

4. Ronix Parks

Parks Bonifay might be the most iconic wakeboarder to ever do it, from inventing new tricks to winning countless contests, Parks has left a mark on the sport. However, as we get older our riding style changes, and so has Parks. His signature board with Ronix is designed to make riding easier, smoother, and more predictable. This board has a big sweet spot allowing you to consistently get a nice pop off the wake, as well as a smooth rocker giving you more on water speed. For the older intermediate rider, or someone who enjoys taking long sets, the Parks is a solid choice.

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