Best Wakeboards For Beginners | WakeHouse Staff Picks

November 25, 2019


"How do I pick my first wakeboard?" We get this question often, and understand that it can sometimes be an overwhelming decision. With each wakeboard company having such a large variety of models to choose from, it's tough to navigate which board is best for you. That's why we're here to help you cut through the clutter to what we believe are some of the best choices out there for beginner riders. Scroll below to see who made the list.


Ronix describes this board as "the building block to wakeboarding". Keeping the beginner rider in mind, Ronix designed the Vault/Krush with an asymmetrical profile. What this means is that the toeside edge of the board is much thinner than the heelside edge. This helps alleviate the crossed up body feeling a rider gets while cutting along their toeside. Additionally, the Vault/Krush's 3-stage rocker adds a little more thump for riders hoping to catch some more air.


The Trip/Angel is a timeless classic, and the foundation of almost every single wakeboard across the industry. The continuous rocker of the Trip/Angel is extremely user friendly and forgiving. Perfect for beginner riders who need a board that is predictable in how it responds to the riders movements. Plus, the removable center fin increases board control even more when first starting out, then can be removed once the riders ability levels begin to advance. All-in-all, the Trip/Angle will not disappoint beginner through intermediate riders alike.


Similar to the Ronix Vault, the Hyperlite State/Eden 2.0 has an asymmetrical profile, utilizing a thinner toeside edge to make hard to learn toeside wake jumps that much easier. Plus, the State/Eden 2.0 utilizes an abrupt continuous rocker line. This rocker line offers all the predictability of a continuous rocker, while adding a little air courtesy of the 3 stage rocker blended in. Bottom line, the State/Eden 2.0 is forgiving board that has the ability to progress with you.

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