water sports responsibility code

Be aware that good judgment and personal awareness can help reduce the risks in boating and water sports. To increase your enjoyment of water sports, follow the elements of the responsibility code.

In water sports it is your responsibility to:

ALWAYS familiarize yourself with all applicable laws, waterways and inherent risks

ALWAYS have a capable observer in addition to driver and agree on hand signals

ALWAYS wear a U.S. Coast Guard type III, ISO or other agency approved (PFD) Life Jacket

ALWAYS read user's manual and inspect equipment before use

ALWAYS ski or ride under control, at proper speeds and within your limits

ALWAYS turn ignition off when anyone is near watercraft power drive unit

ALWAYS stay clear of engine exhaust to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning

ALWAYS make sure the engine cutoff lanyard is connected to the driver

NEVER "platform drag" or touch swim platform while the engine is running

NEVER ski or ride near swimmers, shallow water, other boats, or obstacles

NEVER operate watercraft, ski or ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs

NEVER accelerate until rope is clear of body part