Kneeboarding Must Have's

June 18, 2024

Do you have young kids or want something that anyone could do behind the boat? Do you want to shred at Action Wake Park ?

Kneeboarding is a great option.  Kneeboarding is something any skill level can do, but also challenging so they will want to continue to get in the water. If you want to kneeboard, here are a couple of items you will want to have.  


A Kneeboard

Using your friend's kneeboard or renting one from the cable park is always an option, but having your own is an even better option. This ensures that you will enjoy the way that it rides, and it has the features you want. 

Having one on your boat is essential. So, your friend that has never tried a water sport can have something to learn quickly and shred on. There are a couple of different options for kneeboards so let's break it down.  


If you are looking for a basic kneeboard that any skill level can jump on and have a blast, we suggest the HO Electron. This board includes a molded spot for the handle making it easier for the rider when they are first getting up. Allowing them to not worry about where to set the handle.  

This board also has molded fins on the bottom. Fins are a game changer when first starting out in any water sport. They easily track the water, making the board more stable while still allowing you to cut through the wake.  


If you are looking for a kneeboard that allows for big air and soft landings the HO Neutron is the board for you. It has similar features to the HO Electron but is shaped like a snowboard which allows for larger cuts through the wake.  

This kneeboard has a continuous rocker line, like some wakeboards, allowing it to easily pop off the wake. This board is great for people who are looking to advance but still want some features of a beginner board. 


Are you looking for a versatile board? Then we suggest a board with retractable fins. Both the HO Proton and the Radar Hawk come with fins that retract allowing the rider to customize their ride.  

Retractable fins allow you to choose whether you ride with the fins or not. This design is like surfboard fins, but instead of taking the fins out completely like you would with a surfer, they retract into the board. Eliminating the chances of you misplacing the fins or the need for hardware.  

If you want more traction, you can keep the fins out. If you are looking for less traction for easy initiation of spins, you can retract the fins in. Allowing the rider to customize their board without having to buy a new one.  

A Life Vest


Whether you are riding behind a boat or shredding it at a wake park, a life vest is a must! Not only is it the law, but it's also for your safety. If you are going to kneeboard frequently it is a good idea to purchase your own life vest. The life vest should be snug and fit properly so that it will work properly.  

*Never do anything behind the boat or at the cable park without a properly fitting life vest* 

A Rope

If you are going to be riding behind the boat, you will need a rope to be successful. Every rope is a little different, so it is important that you get the right one.  


There are ropes that are designed specifically for kneeboarding. Kneeboarding ropes include a foam handle so the handle will float in the water while being gentle on the hands. It also has a couple of sections. This allows riders to choose how far they want to be in the wake 


Wakeboarding ropes are also an option for kneeboarding because they are either covered in silicon or non-stretch, so it won’t stretch while you are riding. Having a non-stretch rope is important because it keeps consistent tension on the rope.

This makes it easier for the rider to cut around and jump the wake. Consistent tension on the rope helps the rider get more speed, increases the airtime during the jump, and aids in the rider landing safely on the water.  


A ski rope could also work, but it might be more difficult. Ski ropes are meant to stretch which could mess up the rider if they are trying to jump the wake.  

When water skiing it is better to have a rope that has some stretch since it is more forgiving when you’re on the edge of your ski or when there is slack in the rope from cutting around buoys. This can help prevent injuries. 

When trying out tricks it’s easier to do with consistent tension from the rope. Having some stretch in the line makes that difficult because it loses some of the tension in the line. 

Not all ski ropes have foam covered handles, so they can be hard on the hands. If you are using a ski rope that doesn’t have foam around the handle, we suggest getting a pair of water ski gloves. These not only help protect your hands, but also help you keep a better grip on the handle.  

A Helmet

If you are planning to ride your kneeboard at a wake park, it is a good idea to invest in a wakeboarding helmet. You will always be required to wear a helmet while riding at a park, so having your own isn’t a bad idea.  

Even if you are only riding behind a boat, a helmet could be beneficial to help protect your head. Make sure that you are always wearing a properly fitting helmet. 

A Kneeboarding Bag

If you are bringing your kneeboard to the cable park or on your friend's boat, you should consider a kneeboard bag. These can be super helpful because you can store and protect your kneeboard.  

You can fit your kneeboard, your life jacket, rope, and anything else you need to kneeboard. This makes it easy to transport all your items anywhere.  

An Extra Kneeboard Strap

Having an extra kneeboarding strap is a great idea. Why miss days on the water because you are waiting to get a replacement strap, when you could have a backup strap? There are two different kinds of replacement straps.  

The first strap is the HO Single Locking Strap. This strap is what is on most kneeboards. It only secures in one spot and has soft padding providing comfort for all riders. 

The next strap is the HO Double Locking Strap. This strap has two different spots to secure it. Which provides more control, durability, and is more secure than a single locking strap.

The HO Pannoshock Kneeboarding Pad

As fun as kneeboarding is, it can be hard on your body. The HO Pannoshock Kneeboarding Pad is meant to help relieve that. This easy to store and inflatable kneeboarding pad is meant to take pressure off of the rider's knees, ankles, and lower back while riding. If you are a rider that needs more comfort, check out this accessory! 

Ready to Rip the Kneeboard

Kneeboarding is a fun way to introduce anyone to water sports. It allows the rider to learn how to be pulled behind the boat or by the cable system at the park. It's also great for all ages and skill sets so anyone can do it.   

Whether you are learning how to kneeboard or already shredding, these are our must haves for a successful day ripping it on a kneeboard.