How to Drop the Rope While Wakesurfing

July 07, 2024

Wakesurfing is unique because it is one of the few water sports you can do without a rope. Once you are up and starting to shred the wave the next step is to surf without the rope. 

 To stay in the wave without the rope, you must find the push of the wave. It can take time to master but here are a couple tips and tricks to help you drop the rope faster.  

What Type of Board Are You On?

The type of board you are on plays a key part in your success on the wave. Every board is different because of its shape or size. There are a couple important factors to consider when finding your perfect board.  

Style of Board 

The style of the board is important. If you are first starting out, we suggest a traditional surf style board.  

The traditional style of surf board has a floatier style. This is because they tend to be thicker and have more fins. The design of these boards allows the rider to lock on the wave while helping with the rider control.  

Skim boards are geared more towards advanced riders. These boards are thinner and have less fins. This makes them more reactive for riders looking to land tricks. 

Hybrid boards can also be a good option for beginners. This type of board is the best of both worlds. Hybrid boards are floatier like a traditional surfer but also has sharp rails like a skim board. This board is great for riders who like riding a traditional style board but also want to try something a little faster and reactive.  

Size of the Board 

The size of the board can make or break your surfing experience. Being on the wrong size board can make everything from getting up to trying tricks more difficult.  

All surf boards recommend a weight range. When purchasing a board make sure to look at the weight ranges to ensure you are getting the correct size.  

If you have a large range of different weights in your family, we suggest getting a couple of boards since they are not one size fits all. It is easier for a rider to size up, but riders should not size down. When someone is riding a board that is too small for them, they are more likely to struggle wakesurfing. 

Position on the Surf Board

Where you position yourself plays a large role in wakesurfing. You will want to think of your front foot as a gas pedal and your back foot as a brake. The more weight you put on your front foot the closer to the boat you will be. The more weight you put on your back foot the further away from the boat you will go.  

Shifting your weight between your front foot and back foot helps you find the push in the wave, but where your weight is distributed between your toes and heels is just as important.

When you are facing the wave, the more weight you put on your toes the closer you will go to the wave. The more weight you put on your heels the further way from the wave you will go.  

If you are struggling to stay in the wave and are riding in the flats, try putting more weight on your toes and front foot. This helps push you closer to the boat and can help you find the push of the wave.  

Everyone is different, so finding that balance can be easier for some people. We suggest while you are figuring out your weight to continue holding on to the rope. If you can keep consistent slack in the rope, then try throwing it in. 

Where are Your Feet Positioned?

Like wakeboard, adjusting your stance can help you have more control of the board. When wakesurfing you want to make sure that your back foot is closer to the back of the board and your front foot is toward the middle of the front pad.  

This stance should be comfortable and where you feel the most control. If you feel out of control, try to adjust your stance.  

Let's Drop the Rope

Once you figure out your board, stance, and position on the board, you are ready to drop the rope. If you are struggling don’t stress, figuring out what works for you takes time. Remember to have fun and enjoy your time on the water.  

If you have any questions about what board you should be on don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would love to help you out with any questions you have so you have success on the water!