The Radar 2024 Lineup

March 21, 2024

Radar skis are known to rule the world of water skiing. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider, Radar has a ski, or skis, that guarantee a great time behind the boat. As another model year is here, new designs and technology have been implemented into these great skis. 

Now let’s go over the 2024 lineup for water skis. Each ski, or skis, are built for a different rider. Keep that in mind while searching for the ski of your dreams in the 2024 Radar ski collection.  


The Americana ski is a top-of-the-line water ski. For those looking for a true slalom ski that will perform well for many riders, this is the ultimate ski. Painted with a patriotic design, the Americana themed water ski is available in two sizes – 66”, 67”, or 68”. 

Vapor Pro Build

This water ski is crafted for the best-of-the-best competition skiers in the world. It is designed to perform the best between 32-36 MPH in a slalom course. This ski is Radar’s Pro Team’s model of choice. Though it is built for our best competition riders, it doubles as a great ski for riders of any level.  

These skis are built with a PMI Core and Textreme Carbon infused with Innegra. PMI is described as the lightest and the most responsive foam. This design gives riders the ability to make aggressive turns that are smooth and controlled. If you’re looking for the best quality and design on a water ski, the Vapor Pro is right for you. 

Senate Pro 

Also built with PMI foam and coupled with Textreme, this ski is the fastest and most aggressive ski. For those choosing to ski 28-34 MPH, the Senate will perform with a high performance. The Senate is built for riders of any level looking to progress their skills with a fun and reactive ski. 

Vapor lithium

The Vapor Lithium ski is built with the same mold as the Pro Build. It features the Vapor shape with a PVC Core. Built with the traditional PVC that has been proven as a high-quality core material, this ski is for all riders. It performs the best at speeds between 30-36 MPH but will still perform well at lower or higher speeds.  

Senate Lithium

This Radar ski is built with the PVC Core that has proven its quality time and time again. The Senate Lithium is great for a slalom course and is designed to perform between 28-34 MPH. This ski is built to be reactive to make it easy for riders to make quick turns and carves.  

TRA vapor

Radar has produced this ski for years because of its popularity and comfort for kids who love to ski. Featuring a PVC Core and a lighter carbon layup to enhance buoyancy. This ski will take a junior rider to new levels out on the water. 

vapor graphite

Unlike the previous skis we’ve reviewed, this ski is built with a polyurethane core and the shape of a Vapor ski. Polyurethane is a damper foam which makes the ski sit deeper in the water. Since this ski sits deeper, it allows for more progressive turns. This design is great for those skiing on open water or slalom course between the speeds of 30-36 MPH. 

senate graphite

The Senate Graphite sits in the middle of the Senate range. Also built with a durable polyurethane core wrapped in carbon composites. This design makes sure that turns and speed are the ultimate experience for the skier. This ski is perfect for riders skiing on open water and performs best at speeds between 28-34 MPH. 

Graviton LTD Joel Poland Trick Ski 

Designed with input from professional trick skier, Joel Poland, this trick ski is meant to take trick skiers to new heights. If you’re interested in learning new tricks behind the boat, check out the Graviton LTD Joel Poland Trick Ski.  

Graviton Trick Ski 

For another trick ski option, the Graviton Trick Ski is the ultimate trick ski. It pops off the wake effortlessly and allows skiers to transition from trick to trick with ease. This ski is built with CorFlex and a tip and tail tunnel and GNR Rails. All of this combined created a trick ski that takes skiers to the next level.  

Lyric Graphite 

The Lyric Graphite is built for women skiers that are looking for aggressive turns and more speed. This ski performs at it’s best from 28-34 MPH on a slalom course. Check out this phenomenal ski if you’re looking to spend time on the slalom course.  

Senate alloy

This is Radar’s most popular water ski on the market. This ski is crafted with the polyurethan core and Paulownia wood stringers wrapped in carbon fiber. It is built to be fast yet stable and controlled. It is the ultimate ski for open water or for a slalom course. It is best to ride this ski between 26-34 MPH to enjoy ski. 


The Lyric ski is built for lady skiers who love spending time behind the boat. This lightweight ski is crafted with a lighter weight carbon making it easier to turn and carve. To enjoy this ski to its maximum, ski at a speed between 26-34 MPH.  

Men’s and Women’s Union 

Another favorite of Radar skis is the Men’s Union because of its ease to ride at a great performance. This ski is built with extra width that allows riders to ski at slower speeds for added comfort. The Union will perform best between the speeds of 24-32 MPH. 


The Terrain ski is ready for many lake adventures as its straight lines allow the ski to flow and carve with ease. This ski performs well in both the open water and on the slalom course. Built with 100% carbon laminates, the unique shape makes this ski light and easy to ride in different conditions.  

Boy’s and Girl’s Total Radar Awesomeness

These kid specific skis are designed to share the love of water skiing with the younger generation. Radar has utilized the Senate shape and altered it to perfectly fit kids. This unique design allows for easy turns and efficient cuts through the wake. It allows youngsters to progress at a rapid rate and keeps them enjoying the sport that we all love. 

Men’s and Women’s Session

The goal of this ski was to craft a stable and easy to ride ski. When riding this ski, you can relax and enjoy the calm water and cross from one side of the wake to the other effortlessly. If you feel like floating across the water on a low effort ski, check out the Session. 

X-Caliber Combos

For those learning to ski, buoyancy is an added benefit. Buoyancy was a high priority when designing these skis. Along with the high-end tech that allow for the most efficient sidecut found in two skis. The additional surface area allows for stability and smooth rides.  

Origin Combos

These are the traditional Combo skis that many skiers know and love. The traditional design keeps riders on top of the water and allows for controlled turns. These skis are built with sliding adjustable horseshoe bindings to fit a wide range of riders. 

firebolt Combos

The Firebolt Combos are the X-Caliber skis shrunk to a size designed for kids. With a removable stabilizer bar, kids can learn the proper ski spacing, balance, and control. Also built with adjustable horseshoe bindings and a training rope, these skis can grow with kids as they improve.  

The Radar Ski for You

The 2024 Radar ski lineup has a ski for each rider. Now it’s just time to pick the right one for yourself. Head to to get your Radar ski before the ski season is here so you can enjoy hours on the water soon.