The Ronix District vs Parks Wakeboards

March 11, 2024

Ronix wakeboards are known to lead the industry with dynamic technology meant to fit the rider and the riders style to a T. The District and Parks boards are no stranger to that thinking. With designs and construction led by professional athletes themselves, these boards are built to be the best. 

Now it’s just time to decide between the two. Both the District and the Parks boards are great options. Though they are built for a different rider. So, let’s break down what makes these boards different so you can decide which is right for you. 

The District Modello  

The District board is described as a versatile board that will adapt to the rider. Meaning that if you want a board that works for several different riders, this is the perfect board. It is built to be lightweight and comfortable. 

The Build 

This board was built to be versatile by being great for a wide range of riders. With a lightweight design, this board offers more feedback and softer landings.  

It is built with a hybrid rocker design. The blended rocker line allows the rider to make smooth turns or large high-speed turns. Since this board is a hybrid, it allows for fast, yet predictable takeoffs.  

Rider’s Level 

This board is the ultimate ride for those between an intermediate and an advanced rider. If you’re ready to start putting your tricks to the test and learn new, more advanced tricks, the District Modello board is right for you. 

The Parks Modello 

Now, to review the Parks board. This board is similar to the District board in the sense of versatility. This board is built to offer speed and stability for the rider. The goal of this board was to cause less strain on the body but still allow for advanced tricks. 

The Build 

The Parks board is built with the continuous rocker design. This board coupled the continuous rocker design with some ideas from golf. By shaping the board with dimples in the bottom, it reduces friction. This unique design allows the rider to take off from the wake unlike any other board. 

The shape of this board makes it an easy ride and allows for controlled landings. It is considered smooth, causes minimal strain, and it is predictable. For those wanting a board built for fun tricks but is still very predictable and stable, this is a great board. 

Rider’s Level 

The Parks board is built for advanced to intermediate riders. Therefore, it’s for someone who is closer to being considered an advanced rider than the District board. This board is built for riders throwing difficult and fun tricks. 

Choose the Right Board for Yourself 

Now that we have reviewed the differences between the two boards, it’s time to decide which will be right for you. Both boards offer a phenomenal ride and feel while behind the boat. However, the District and Parks boards have different characteristics that will fit different riders. 

If you have more questions about which board is right for you, feel free to give us a call. We would love to help you find the perfect wakeboard for your summer shredding.