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Ronix Koal Fish Classic Vs. Ronix Flyweight Atlantik | Wakesurf Comparison

May 25, 2022

The Koal Fish Classic and the Flyweight Atlantik are both traditional surf style boards from Ronix. While these two boards don’t look all that different, the rider’s experience while surfing is certainly not the same. Having a chance to jump on these two boards back-to-back, I was able to get a feel for the differences between them, and which style of rider would excel on each.

Ronix Koal Fish Classic

Beginning with the Koal Fish Classic, I jumped on this board and rode it with the traditional 3-fin setup. The board tracked very well, and gave me a great sense of balance. As I was carving around the wake, I felt like there was plenty of thrust, but the board did seem to react a bit on the slower side. As someone who really enjoys generating as much speed as possible, this board felt as though it was holding me back from doing so. On the flip side of that, a stable board that isn't so reactive is a great choice for those who are learning to wakesurf, as well as riders who enjoy a smooth and predictable ride.

Ronix Flyweight Atlantik

While riding the Atlantik I noticed how nimble the board felt, especially when it came to transitioning between my toe and heel edge. I felt like I was able to turn on a dime and use my rear foot to really thrust against the 4-fin setup. The Atlantik also felt quicker than the Koal Fish Classic, and thanks to its bottom concave and rail wings, the board had no problem generating speed. With more time on this board, I would encourage exploring different fin setups to find what you like, as I could see the Atlantik having much more play with a couple fins removed.


If you are deciding between these two boards, the main factors are going to be their stability and speed. The Koal Fish Classic will give you a great sense of balance, and the Flyweight Atlantik will feel faster and nimbler. The Koal Fish Classic is great for beginner riders, as well as those who are looking for that traditional cruisy surf feeling. On the other hand, if you are looking to make hard aggressive cuts and quick transitions, the Flyweight Atlantik is a great choice.

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