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Ronix Atmos Vs. Slingshot Space Mob | Binding Comparison

March 15, 2022

If you find yourself wakeboarding a lot, and specifically at the cable park, you will likely see that a lot of riders are using bindings that have a removable, walkable liner. The liner, commonly referred to as a “bootie” is nice to have for walks back to the dock, as your feet will be protected from the ground. Additionally, if you find yourself doing one footed tricks, or even winching, the liner will make your life a lot easier by protecting your feet and giving you added traction. 

Ronix and Slingshot are known for having some of the highest quality footwear in wakeboarding, so we decided to compare two of their most popular boots, the Atmos and the Space Mob’s. I have ridden both of these pairs of bindings and am going to compare the experiences I had with them. Let's get started with the Atmos.

Ronix Atmos

The Atmos is the product of 5 years of walkable liner development from Ronix, and has a few unique features that make the boot stand out. Ridden and endorsed by the Peacock brothers, let's take a look at what makes the Atmos unique.

The Atmos boot features a 3D molded heel and toe, as well as Ronix signature mainframe technology. These boots are easy to mount, and can be quickly adjusted once they are on your board. Located on the top part of the boot is a single Superstrap, which you will tighten to secure your foot in place. In addition to the Superstrap the Atmos boot features 2 lace locks, which really allow you to secure your foot in place.

The Atmos features an Intuition+ heat moldable liner. This liner allows you to create a truly unique fit that is customized to your foot. The liner also features a beefed-up sole, as well as being enforced with Kevlar all around. The liner is secured via Ronix Autolock Technology, which is an improved version of the traditional lace lock you would find on a lot of wakeboard boots.

Thoughts on the Atmos

Even without heat molding the liner, the Atmos was the most comfortable bootie I have worn. The Atmos is a light and comfortable option for those looking to grab a wakeboard boot with a removable liner that is truly comfortable and lightweight.

Space Mobs

The Space Mob boot has been a fan favorite at the cable park since the boot's inception many years ago. Debuting as the Shredtown boot back in 2012, the fit and style of the boot has evolved over the past decade, but the original goal of this model holds true to form. Let’s blast into the cosmos and check out what the Space Mob boot has to offer.

The Space Mob is Slingshots premier wakeboard boot and is built to last. The two most notable features about the Space Mob boots are the removable tongue and the gummy strap closure system. The ability to remove the tongue allows you to choose how you want the boot to flex. Leave the tongue in for a stiffer feel, or take it out for a looser and more playful feel. The gummy strap closure system is easy to use and adjust, allowing you to really get a locked in feel.

The removable walkable liner on the Space Mob’s feature a shoelace to tighten and secure them. I would compare this to how a typical snowboard boot laces up, which allows you to get a really snug and secure fit. The liner on the Space Mob has a 3D molded tongue to give you a truly comfortable fit when you snug those laces down.

Thoughts on the Mobs

The Space Mob boots are incredibly durable and give you the freedom to choose how flexible you would like your boot with the option to remove the tongue. The K9 mounting system on Slingshot bindings allows for a ton of stance options, if that’s something you're into exploring. The Space Mobs are great if you are looking for a durable boot with plenty of flex options.


Both the Atmos and the Space Mobs are excellent choices for riders who want boots with a removable walkable liner. When it comes to how the boots fit, I would say the Atmos are a bit tighter than the Space Mobs, meaning you definitely shouldn’t try to squeeze into a boot that isn’t your size, even if you are just a half size off.  

When it comes to weight, the Atmos are lighter than the Space Mobs, with the Atmos weighing 4lb 4.5oz, and the Space Mobs coming in at 6lbs 5.5oz. I personally don’t think this has a noticeable effect on your riding, but if you are looking for the lightest removable liner boot, the Atmos is a great option.

If customization and durability is what you're looking for, the Space Mobs are an excellent option. If you want an incredibly comfortable and lightweight boot, the Atmos would be for you.

*Weight was measured with Size 11 boots, including hardware* 

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