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Radar Senate Collection | Overview

June 30, 2022

One of Radar’s most popular skis is the Radar Senate, and they have four options to choose from. Although each of the four Senate skis have a different construction, they all maintain the same shape. From the skier who prefers skiing in the open water at higher speeds, to the hardcore skier going for a PB in the course, there are a lot of options when it comes to the Senate. Let's take a look at all four models and dive into which ski would work best for you.

Senate Alloy

The Senate Alloy is Radar’s most popular waterski. The Senate Alloy features a polyurethane core with Paulownia wood stringers wrapped in carbon fiber. The Senate Allow has an All-Terrain Core, which is Radar’s most forgiving construction. The All-Terrain Core makes the Senate Alloy a great ski for the open water, as it will be forgiving on those less-than-ideal days on the lake. The Senate Alloy is still a capable ski and you can feel free to jump in the course on it as well if you feel like kicking things up a notch. The Senate Alloy is best skied between 26-34mph.

Senate Graphite

The Senate Graphite falls in the middle of the Senate lineup. A durable polyurethane core wrapped in carbon composites means this ski is a step up in performance when compared to the Alloy. The Aero Core gives you a consistent yet forgiving response, allowing you to feel connected to the water and feel confident while gaining speed. Good for the open water and the course, the Senate Graphite is best skied between 28-34mph.

Senate Lithium

The Senate Lithium has a PVC core which means the reaction time of the ski is going to feel instant. The Lithium features a lighter and stronger carbon composite, and really excels when put to the test in course conditions. Best skied between 28-34mph, any feedback you give the ski will be felt instantly under your feet.

Senate Pro

The Senate Pro has a PMI core, which is the same build as the Vapor Pro’s. PMI foam is without question the lightest and most responsive foam available. That foam is wrapped in Textreme spread tow carbon giving you the fastest and most aggressive Senate Radar ever made. Push this ski to its limit in the course, because the Senate Pro thrives rounding buoys at 28-34mph. Want a ski made with the best material money can buy, but with a little more width than the Vapor? The Senate Pro is a great option.

Looking for a ski that is wider than the Senate and will ski better at slower speeds? The Radar Union or the Radar Terrain would be a great option for you. Want to learn more? Check out our blog that compares the Terrain and Union below.

Radar Terrain Vs. Radar Union

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