How to Set Up a Wakeboard

December 04, 2023

Do you want to learn how to set up your own wakeboard? You’re in the right place for the answers to this question. Wakeboards can be as personalized or as versatile as you’d like them to be. It all depends on how you set your wakeboard up. 

Wakeboarding is a great watersport to enjoy during the summer. Riders of all levels have fun behind the boat on a wakeboard. Before heading to the lake, look at this article to learn how to properly set your board up.  

Choosing Bindings

The first step to setting up your wakeboard is picking out a pair of bindings that’ll work for you. You have a few choices when it comes to bindings. 

Open-Toe Bindings

One option is open-toe bindings. These are a great option if the board will be used with multiple riders. Typically, this style of binding allows for a range of foot sizes to fit. This range could be from size 8 – size 12, depending on the exact binding you choose. 

If you plan on sharing your board with many people, open-toe bindings are a great option. Check out the exact size ranges on different bindings to find the perfect pair for you and your family. 

Closed-Toe Bindings

The next option you can choose to pair with your wakeboard is the closed-toe option. The closed-toe option is perfect for riders who aren’t planning on sharing their board. Much like shoes, these bindings typically only work for a single shoe size. 

Closed-toe bindings are a great option for intermediate–advanced riders. These bindings are more secure since they are a better fit for your exact shoe size. If you plan on throwing any flips or spins, we recommend opting for closed-toe bindings. 


Stance for your style

Next, your stance will determine where you place your bindings on your board. Most wakeboards have several different positions you can screw your bindings into. Some have a set of screw holes and others have a track system. Regardless, you can set your board up to best fit your preferences.  

Goofy or Regular

The first step to dialing your stance in is to figure out whether you are a regular or goofy rider, which is wakeboard lingo for left foot forward (regular) or right foot forward (goofy). For new riders trying to figure this out, if you kick a soccer ball with your right foot, you’ll most likely ride regular. This isn’t the case for everyone but it’s a good starting point. For most, it’s a good idea to try out both riding positions to feel which is most comfortable.  

Your Stance

When you know whether you’re goofy or regular, you can start getting your bindings set on your board. You’ll want to find your stance. The best way to start out is by positioning your boots in the center inserts or in the center of the track system. You can then adjust from there to fit your style.  

With the distance noted, you can then position your bindings as centered as possible on the wakeboard. This will give you the most comfortable ride on the board behind the boat.  


Adjusting your bindings

And finally, the last adjustments you’ll need to make. The exact angles are different for everyone. Though, we can offer some suggestions if you don’t know where to start. 

If you are new to wakeboarding, it will be easiest to set the bindings at 12 and 6 degrees. This is typically a normal stance for many people so it’s a great place to start out. Most wakeboard bindings will have the degree number on them to make it easy to adjust. 

The 12-degree mark should be where you position the screw on the exterior of both feet. The 6-degree mark should be positioned on the interior of your feet. 

We recommend setting your board in this standard setup to start out. As you ride the board, you will be able to adjust it to your liking and your style.  

Time to rip

Now that you have your wakeboard all setup up, it’s time to get behind the boat. Enjoy your board and remember to adjust it to your liking. Another good thing to practice is to check your screws before every ride. Sometimes these get loose so it’s always good to double-check them before getting in the water.  

It’s time to enjoy your wakeboard. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us.