How to Choose the Right Wakesurf board

January 31, 2024

Your family is ecstatic to get out on the new surf boat and take it for a spin. Before everyone can do that, you’re going to need a few surfboards. But how do you choose a surfboard with all the different options that there are? 

That’s what we’re here to help with. There is a surfboard that will fit each and every person which is why there are so many to choose from. Sorting through all the options isn’t always easy. We’re going to make it easy to decide which is right for each person. 

Keep reading to learn about the different kinds of surfboards as well as other factors that influence the best choice. Be sure to watch the video for more helpful information as well. We’ll help you find the right wake surfboard for you and every family member. 


The right size

The first task is figuring out which size is the best fit. The good news is that different size boards can typically work for multiple people. However, each surfboard manufacturer will recommend a specific length based on a few factors. 

These factors are height and weight. Typically, smaller boards are better suited for kids or small adults. And vice versa as larger boards are often better for larger adults. 


Type of Board

There are three different types of boards to choose from. These three types are skimmers, surf-style, and hybrid boards. Each of these boards has a different feel which makes them ideal for different people and skill levels. 


Surf-style boards look very similar to the boards that Ocean surfers use. These are typically recommended to beginners as they are stable and easier to learn on. The reason they are easier for beginners is because of their longer, wider shape.  

Though they are often recommended for beginners, surfers of all levels can enjoy these boards. They are fun and comfortable boards for most riders out there. 

Skimmer Boards

Implied by the name, skimmer boards resemble skim boards. This means that they are much thinner and smaller than the surf-style boards. These boards are meant for riders who want to do all the fun tricks that are possible behind the wave. 

These boards are recommended for intermediate to advanced riders as they can be more difficult to ride. They are often described as “slippery. This is because of the smaller fins and sharper edges that make them fast and can slip out from under you much easier than a surf-style. 

For those looking to improve their skill level and add some challenges to the sport, a skimmer is the way to go. Check out these boards for your more experienced riders.  

Hybrid Boards

These boards are a combination of surf-style and skimmer boards. They are not quite as long and thick as surf-style. But, also not as thin and short as a skimmer board. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, these boards are the ultimate option. 

For those looking to start learning some simple tricks while still being able to enjoy a relaxing surf, a hybrid board is the best option. Since they are a combination, they are perfect for riders of all skill levels. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, you’ll enjoy your time on these boards. 


Tail Shape

The next determining factor is the shape of the tail of the board. This will influence your ride on the wave in different ways. With several tail shapes available on both surf-style and skimmer boards, there’s a board for every skill level. 

Big, Wide Tails

Boards with this shape tail are easier to ride. The wider tail makes it easier to stay in the wave than thinner options. This is a great option for beginners or if your boat doesn’t produce a large wave. If you’re looking for more push while on a wave, these boards are the perfect solution. 

Square Tails

Similar to the wide tails, square tails are good for beginners and those with boats that produce smaller waves. The square tails provide more acceleration which allows you to stay in the wave without working super hard. They are perfect for those wanting to relax while surfing.  

Swallow Tails

Surfboards with tails shaped like this are good for those looking for controlled responsiveness. These boards are more playful than the two options above while still offering control in turns or spins. Since these boards are slightly more reactive, they are better for intermediate to advanced riders.  

Small, Pin Tails

Finally, the most advanced tail shape is smaller and rounded. These are perfect for riders who love to do all of their favorite spins and tricks. For a very playful feel, these are the perfect shape of the board. You will often find this tail shape on skimmer boards so create the fun style. These are recommended for intermediate to advanced riders. 


Fin Set-up

After you decide on the perfect board, this will be the next step. Oftentimes, boards will come with several fins to allow for customization for each person's style. There are four fin setup options available for most surf boards.  

Single Fin

The single fin allows for stability while riding a wave. You can have good control while still being able to do tricks and spins. Single fins are typically good for medium to large waves. 

Twin Fin

Two fins on your board are good for turns and are slightly more stable than a single fin. This setup allows for control while still allowing for tricks and spins. This is good for waves of any size and shape.  

Thruster Fin

This setup has two fins on the outside and one in the center of the board. This setup is very common on surf-style boards. The two outside fins aid in acceleration allowing your to stay in the wave better. The center fin creates stability and control. This setup is great for those looking for speed and stability on a wave of any size.  

Quad Fins

The four-fin setup is strictly found on surf-style boards only. This setup makes it easy to stay in the wave without causing too much speed or drag. It keeps you in the ideal spot for surfing on waves of any size.


Ready to surf

Finding the perfect surfboard has never been simpler than with this article. Each surfer will have a different style and preference which is why it’s important to research. After learning which wake surfboard is right for you, it’s time to buy your board and get out on the water.