How Often Should I Replace My Wakeboard?

August 30, 2022

There are a variety of factors that would help determine how often you should get a new board, like how frequently you ride and where you store your board. Regardless of where or how you ride, upgrading your wakeboard can be a good idea every so often to ensure you are having the most fun out on the water. Regardless of whether you ride behind the boat or at the cable park, you will eventually need to replace your board.

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1. It's broken

Well, this one is rather obvious, after a lot of riding or a severe impact your wakeboard might break, it happens. A cracked nose or tail can be repaired to keep you on the water a bit longer, but a snap down the middle of the board will render your wakeboard unrideable. So, hang that broken board up on the wall and go looking for something to replace it with! 

2. Your board is old

If your board is old enough to drive a car, then you are missing out on a lot of updated technology that brands have implemented to make wakeboards easier and more fun to ride. The manufacturing process of wakeboards has been refined over the years to create stronger and lighter boards, making it just a little bit easier to land that new trick you’ve been trying.

3. Your board feels dull

The material your board is made of will begin to degrade over time and use, meaning you will begin to get less pop from your board. The older the board the more noticeable this will become. Although this doesn't make the board unrideable or unsafe, it will feel softer and duller when you take off and land. A new board will feel crisp and responsive under your feet, allowing you to pop higher and land with confidence. 

4. Your riding style has changed

Not charging as hard as you used to? Maybe it's time to switch from that aggressive 3 stage rocker to a smooth continuous rocker that will offer some more forgiveness. Perhaps you are riding a lot more at the cable park and want to get a board that will be more flexible on the rails. Between boat, cable, and crossover boards there is definitely something out there that will complement your style of riding.  

5. You're due for an upgrade

Progressing quickly? Does your board feel heavy under your feet or not pop quite how you would like it to? Odds are you have reached a point in your riding where your board might be holding you back from progressing. Once you start riding a lot you will begin to develope your own style, and once that happens you might want a board that will cater to that style. Whether you want more pop or faster on water speed, there is a board out there that will match your style.


As you can tell, there is no magic formula or set amount of time for when you should replace your wakeboard, but if anything on this list resonates with you then odds are it might be time for a new board.