HO Stance 130 ATOP Waterski Binding | Product Review

April 11, 2022

HO expanded their boot lineup in the 2022 season, bringing in the addition of a reel lacing system to the Stance 130, as well as their Adjustable Rear Toe Plate. This means you have yet another option when it comes to how you would like to have your binding secure around your foot. Let’s explore what the HO Stance 130 with ATOP and the Adjustable Rear Toe Plate with ATOP have that make them unique, and why they are a good addition to the HO skis lineup.

HO Stance 130 Binding w/ATOP

Starting with the boot, the Stance 130 ATOP features the ATOP reel lacing system that secures your foot into the boot. For those that may not be familiar with reel lacing systems, they are a quick and easy way to tighten your boot. The ATOP system consists of a dial that cranks and tightens a series of cables that go over the top of your foot. To release the laces and loosen the boot, simply twist the dial counterclockwise, and pull up on the lace tab.  

Now that we’ve covered how the ATOP system works, let's go over the rest of the boot. The Stance 130 ATOP is made out of a stiff composite shell that adds plenty of rigidity and performance for those looking to ski aggressively. On the inside of the boot, the material consists of an SBR closed cell foam liner, which will give you a snug, but comfortable fit. To tighten the boot, you will use the ATOP system on the lower half, and use a traditional bungee with a lace lock on the upper half.  

The boot also features a baseless, zero drop, orthotic footbed. Basically, this means that the only material between you and the ski is the footbed. Since your foot is as close to the top of the ski as it can get, the skier gets a better boot to ski connection, resulting in improved balance and response.

When it comes to mounting the boot to your ski, the Stance 130 ATOP features a high strength aluminum plate. Although the plate is aluminum, the entire boot manages to weigh just under 2 pounds*, giving you a lightweight yet strong connection.

Adjustable Rear Toe Plate w/ATOP

HO decided to add the ATOP reel lacing system to a rear toe plate as well, making adjusting your back foot quick and easy. The biggest advantage of having the ATOP system on the rear foot is the ability to adjust your rear toe plate on the fly. It can be awkward to lace up your boots on the back of the boat, and even more difficult to do it in the water, or even while skiing. With the ATOP system you can reach down, give the dial a few clicks, and have your boot snug in no time.


The ATOP system is a great addition to the HO binding lineup, adding a quick and easy way to secure your boots. If you are looking for a high performance boot, but don't want to go with a closed toe binding, the Stance 130 w/ATOP is a great option. Between the HO ATOP, and the Radar Vector BOA bindings, we have a few different options when it comes to boots, and how you want to lace them up.

*Weight was measured at 1.9lb with a size 7-11 boot, including hardware*