Ronix Wakeboard Lace Lock Replacement Kit

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Ever had your laces loosen up during a wakeboard set? Here with an easy solution is the Lace Lock Replacement Kit from Ronix. With a new locking design for 2016, these laces are guaranteed to keep your boots snug until you say otherwise. This lace replacement kit is perfect if your laces have frayed or snapped, or if you have a faulty locking device. Compatible with all Wakeboard boots, does not include pull handle.


  • 4 Laces
  • 4 Lace Locks

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  • Replacements for originals

    Posted by Bob Rote on February 27, 2018


    Before the end of the first season with these in my new bindings, one lock stopped holding and the outer casing of two laces split. Initially, the locks held very well. But, these have no holder to grasp while tightening; you have to wrap the lace around your fingers to pull it tight. And, the clip on three laces broke off; so, I could not secure the the ends while I rode the board. I hope these replacements are better.

  • Works great!

    Posted by Unknown on August 13, 2016


    I replaced the old style lace locks with these when mine wore out. These are great and stay tight. Highly recommended. My only complaint is that they don't come with the prices to help pull your laces tight and mine are starting to wear out

  • items were easy to install and work great

    Posted by Unknown on August 08, 2016


    GrEasy to install and work great

  • Ronix Wakeboard Lace

    Posted by Aleksandr Gelfond on July 10, 2016


    Good quality. Worked great!

  • Locked and loaded!

    Posted by sp4cem0nkey on September 07, 2015


    These lace locks and laces make a durable and handy replacement for when your laces or locks break. They are easy to install and work better than the original laces on my Shredtown boots.

    A word of caution: Don't insert the locking pieces together until you've already got the laces threaded through. You can't get the laces in after you've clipped the pieces together, and you can't separate the pieces once inserted.

  • Good Product - should come with instructions ... or warning

    Posted by Unknown on September 24, 2013


    Got these to replace some worn out byerly laces and lacks locks that never really worked that well. So far (only two weekends of riding) the Ronix locks seems solid. Only problem was installation. They should come with instructions, or at least a warning that once you install the lock on the laces there is no going back - so make sure you laced it right the first time, otherwise you will be ordering a second set ...

  • NO instructions

    Posted by VM on July 08, 2013


    I haven't tried the laces yet, so I am not sure how to rate performance. However, There were no instructions in the package which made it extremely difficult to figure it out. I gave it to an 19 year old and it took him a little bit to figure it out for me.

  • Only Replacement Laces

    Posted by El Ferrell on July 25, 2012


    I owned a set of Byerly 2008 bindings, and the laces went to crap on me. I found these as the ONLY, and I mean ONLY replacement binding laces out there. I gave these four stars since I have not ridden with them, but when I put them on "dry", they seem to keep my feet very snug in my bindings. I'll update this post next time I ride.

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