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Ronix H.O.M.E. Carbon Pro M50 Wakesurf Board | Product Review

March 11, 2022

Introduced in 2022 was the Ronix H.O.M.E. Carbon M50 Pro wakesurf board. That’s quite the mouthful, isn't it? Well, let's break down what all those words mean, and explore what makes the 2023 M50 one of the most capable and high-performance wakesurf boards on the market.


“H.O.M.E” stands for Herb Obrien Manufacturing Experience, meaning all of the M50’s are handmade in the United States. This board is the 50th wakesurf board Ronix has ever made, and they wanted to make sure to pay homage in the best way possible. Constructed in Washington, the M50 is a handmade piece of carbon beauty. Your first impression of this high-end construction will come from simply picking the board up. The M50 is light as a feather, and that’s not an exaggeration, this is by far the lightest wakesurf board I have ever felt.  

The M50 features hard and sharp rails which are great for riders who are looking for an aggressive and fast ride, hammer the gas pedal and feel this board takeoff. It is incredibly easy to build speed on the M50. Ronix decided to show off the carbon construction of the M50 by not covering the top or base of the board with a graphic. Instead, what you get is the ability to actually see what the board is made out of.


The M50 is fast, really fast. I jumped on this board and felt like I was zooming down the wave, which was a lot of fun for someone who typically has a hard time gaining a lot of speed. On top of that, I surfed the M50 with the standard 3-fin setup, and felt like that setup gave me a good amount of traction in the water while still allowing me the freedom to try some 360’s. The 3-fin setup also allowed me to really carve into some slashes and take advantage of the speed you can gain on the M50. 

One of the best things about the M50 is its versatility. Riding with three fins in the board felt great and had a good amount of thrust, dropping down to a 2, or even 1 fin setup, the M50 will feel more like a skim style board. When you first take the board out I would highly recommend starting with all 3 fins in, and then removing fins as you get used to how the board rides.


If you are looking to expand your quiver, the M50 is a great addition for surfers who like a light, strong, and fast board. The M50’s versatility has to be one of its strongest assets. Before you commit to riding a certain fin setup, try them all. Moving the fins around on this board, and any board for that matter, will drastically change how it performs. Of course, this board is not cheap, so I would not recommend the M50 as someone's first wakesurf board, but rather people who have surfed before and are looking for a high-end and high-performance board.

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