Best Women’s Wakeboards | Buyers Guide

April 20, 2022

If you are looking for your first wakeboard, or even looking to upgrade what you’ve been shredding for a while, we are going to walk through several of our favorite women's wakeboards to help narrow down your search. Each of these boards has their own set of unique features, that when paired with the correct riding style will allow for the best on-water experience. Step aside gentlemen, this one is for the ladies.

Hyperlite Eden 2.0

For the rider who is starting out, or maybe jumping back into wakeboarding after a long hiatus, the Eden from Hyperlite is a great board. If you have ever had issues with edging on your toes, the Eden is designed specifically to remedy this problem. The Eden features a shorter toeside edge which will help you gain speed much easier as you apply pressure to that side of the board. On the heelside of the board you will notice there is a longer and more full edge, this allows you to be stable while coming into the wake and have plenty of surface area to still experience a good amount of pop.

Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight

A lightweight board that is good for just about all ability levels, the QTM features a hybrid rocker (a mix of 3-stage and continuous) which will give you smooth mellow turns when you want, but will edge hard when you need it to. If you head into the wake and flatten off, you will notice the board gives you a good bit of vertical pop. However, if you edge all the way up the wake, you will feel a smooth and consistent amount of pop.

Slingshot Copycat Club

Cable riders don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. The Copycat club board is built to meet the demands of someone who rides at a cable park, and rides a lot. This board features chined rails, which allow for great butters and catch-free slides, with an added bonus that they help protect your edges from getting dinged while you are sliding on less-than-ideal surfaces. On top of the chined rails the CopyCat also features a narrower stance, which is great for spinning onto and off of rails and jibs. Don’t forget, you also get all of the other great features of a Slingshot board like their ballistic base, atomic wood core, singleshot fusion sidewalls, and carbon bedrock inserts as well. 

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Ronix Rise

For those Intermediate to advanced riders looking for a board that will help with your progression, the Rise from Ronix is just the board for you. Ronix took two of their most popular board shapes and incorporated the speed of the RXT and the pop of the One into the new Rise board. Ronix set out to create the lightest board they possibly could, and they achieved this by using their Air Core technology, which gives the board an ultralight foam core. If you are looking for a fast board that will give you plenty of pop at the wake, while also feeling light and agile, the Rise is a great option. Endorsed by 2021 US Masters champion Mary Morgan Howell, the Rise is a great addition to the Ronix lineup.

Slingshot Contrast

The Slingshot Contrast is a crossover board meant for the ladies who spend time behind the boat and at the cable park. The Contrast features tapered Flex Tips to give you more response on the rails, allowing for presses and butters at the cable park, while the rigid belly and 3-stage rocker give you plenty of pop off the wake when you are cruising behind the boat. You will find all of the features that come standard on most Slingshot boards, like the ballistic base, singleshot fusion sidewalls, and carbon bedrock inserts. Additionally, belly channels and removable fins will give you plenty of traction while edging into the wake. If you are looking for a board that can do it all, the Contrast is a great option.