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Best Wakesurf Boards for Small Wakes

March 22, 2022

So, you see everyone on your local lake surfing it up and you want to jump in on the fun, but you don’t have a boat made specifically for wake surfing. Not a problem! Wakesurf board manufacturers have taken boats with smaller wakes into account when designing their boards, and you can have a ton of fun behind just about any inboard boat, under the right conditions.

Hyperlite Time Machine

The Time Machine from Hyperlite is a snappy surf style board that is proven to perform well on just about any wave, and has been tested with riders up to 220 pounds. If you are looking for a fast board that can pop big airs and give you plenty of response, the Time Machine is a great choice. What really makes the Time Machine unique is its top sheet, which is made of 100% cork. Once you get the cork top wet you will have tons of grip, and the fact that it covers the entire surface of the board will give you the freedom to place your feet wherever you want.

Slingshot Coaster

The Slingshot Coaster is a skim style cruiser that anyone of any skill level can hop on and enjoy. Derived from its name, this board is designed to “coast”, and it does just that and on any size wave. With its fast rocker line and pin tail design the Coaster will give you all the speed you need, as well as the maneuverability to aggressively carve and slash the wave. The unique double concave hull allows you to easily transition from rail to rail as well as give you some added traction without sacrificing any speed. Keep all 3 fins in for a stable ride with plenty of grip, or drop down to 1 and start trying some of your first skim style tricks.

Ronix Blunt Nose Skimmer

When you take a look at the Blunt Nose Skimmer from Ronix you will immediately notice how much wider the tip is than a lot of other skim style boards. This blunt nose is what gives this board some unique abilities, one of which is being able to keep and maintain speed and stability on smaller waves. This board has a thin construction which means you will be using the rail of the board to maneuver as opposed to relying on the fins to do the work for you. If you are looking for an intermediate to advanced skim style board that you can punch the gas pedal on while also not worrying about dunking the nose on, the Blunt Nose Skimmer is a great choice.

The Blunt Nose Skimmer is a fan favorite here at Wakehouse, whether we are on an older Prostar or a brand new X-22, we always have a blast on this board.

Hyperlite Droid

Looking for a true longboard style surfer you can hang 10 on like Mike Hynson and Robert August did in The Endless Summer? Well, you definitely won’t look as cool as them, but you can certainly try, and with the corduroy EVA foam top you won’t have to worry about slipping off while inching your way towards the nose. In addition to having a ton of surface area, the Droid features a tri-fin setup which gives you tons of thrust and traction. Want a more traditional longboard feel? Ride with just the two outer fins, or even just the single center fin, and feel some more freedom carving around. Hyperlite chose to incorporate a hybrid rail design into the Droid, this means the board won't take off on you when on edge, but it won't feel sluggish either. 

If stability is what you're after, a “longboard” style surfboard like the Droid is a great option.  

Useful Accessories for Wake Surfing

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need a brand-new wake surf boat to have fun surfing (although they are certainly a lot of fun). To help make your wave even better, adding a wake shaper and additional ballast will make a world of difference on just about any inboard boat out there. Play around with how you weight your boat and where you place your shaper to create the optimal wave!

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