2024 Ronix Supreme Air Core 3 - Overview

March 04, 2024

The Ronix Supreme Air Core 3 is built to take advanced riders to the top. With innovative designs and high-end construction, this board can help a rider accomplish even the most difficult of tricks.  

Let’s discuss what makes this board so unique in the world of wakeboarding. And for more information, take a look at the video to learn about this board from Pro Rider, Tyler Higham.  

The Construction and Design

The goal with crafting this board was brought on by Tyler Higham and Jake Pelot. They believed a lightweight board with more water feel would lead them to accomplish unthinkable tricks behind the boat.  

And so, Ronix took their ideas and crafted this board. This board was built with a hybrid rocker and full-length speedwalls. With this technology, this adaptable board is for a rider who wants a little bit of everything. 

The Ronix Supreme Air Core 3 is built with a rocker line unlike any other, with a big flat spot on the outer rails of the board. This design allows for an aggressive and fast edge to carve into the wave and pop off.  

The Ride

Taking the innovative construction and design of this board, you can expect the ultimate ride behind your favorite boat. With the low volume swing weight, it’s easy to convert 360’s into 540’s. 

Hit the Water

Get out there behind your favorite boat and start practicing your favorite tricks. You’ll be happy to have this board on your feet when working on new tricks. Head over to wakehouse.com to find the perfect Supreme Air Core wakeboard.