2019 Ronix RXT Wakeboard Review

October 08, 2019

The team at Ronix invited WakeHouse to come test out their new, highly anticipated RXT wakeboard on the chocolatey waters of Lake Minneola in Central Florida. Naturally the team, as well as myself, were extremely excited to get a chance to ride this board. While the core materials of this board are being kept under wraps, we wanted to get out on this new, lightweight beast, so we could share our experience with you.

The conditions were perfect and all eyes were on me, or wait, actually everyone was looking at the new board, the RXT board. The entire team looked on as I got to take the maiden voyage into the future of wakeboarding. That’s what it felt like was happening the first time I stepped into the RXT by Ronix wakeboards. Not only was it the suspense of how the board would ride and the excitement of everyone watching and waiting for the first response. To me it felt that way because of how the RXT gave me the feels like no other board has in the past. Similar to that same feels of landing your first wake to wake jump or that first invert, it’s that feeling that lights up your face with awe and everyone knows what you're thinking without asking.

The feel of a lifetime is my best way to overall describe the RXT wakeboard designed by the team at Ronix. The feel of the edge turning and digging when I turned toward the wake yet being able to adjust that edge if needed for more or less speed or amplitude was beyond precise. Having the board be lighter than any other wakeboard in history allows you to grab, poke and tweek the board so effortlessly once in the air. The snap and reaction of the tip and tail not just off the wake but while cruising even on small rollers outside the wake was also incredibly fun.

If you’re thinking this sounds a little advanced and you won't be able to have a similar experience riding the RXT board you’re wrong. The board is amazing for intermediate riders as well and will certainly help your riding advance. I watched on as 5 other riders had the times of their lives feeling the board for their first times and getting to notice the advancements how the board rides higher on the water and reacts faster. It was a very cool sight to see. My name is Dakota and I am a Beginner/Intermediate rider and was blown away by how “friendly” this board was. Being at such a high price point and high level of quality I was a little nervous thinking I was strapping into something too advanced for my skill level. I couldn't have been more wrong! The RXT was able to give me all the response I needed without being uncontrollable. This was by far the most enjoyable experience I have ever had on a wakeboard. The RXT is the pinnacle of the wake industry right now and anyone can ride it!    

After riding the RXT for a few hours here are my final thoughts. The RXT is a board made of the most advanced materials, constructed for an advanced rider. However this doesn’t mean that a more intermediate level rider can’t take a rip on this board and have a great time. It just means that this board’s light weight and high level of responsiveness creates a ride that would be difficult for beginners but an absolute dream for those skilled enough to carve around, take jumps wake to wake, and send it off the double up. These were just some of my initial thoughts on how the new RXT board performed for me. Every board will perform a bit different to each rider. Not everyone is built the same or rides the same, so I really encourage you to try this one out for yourself. When it performs for you like I'm sure it will, you might just be calling the RXT board the best boat wakeboard ever built. I know that I am.