Top 5 Wakeboards for 200+ lbs Riders | WakeHouse Video Review

March 29, 2016

So how do you go about picking a wakeboard when you’ve got the soul of a pint-sized pro, but the build of an NFL linebacker?

You come to the pro’s at WakeHouse, and let our veteran staff of above average sized riders do your decision making for you. Scroll below as we dive into the perfect board for all you bigger than life riders, breaking the mold of what a wakeboarder should look like.

Big Guy Approved Board #1

Ronix Vault - 144

The Ronix Vault is a great board for those of you who are either new to the sport, or simply want a functional, no fuss ride. While this board isn’t the longest board in our list of favorites, it does make up for any lost surface area with an increased tip and tail profile. This wide profile makes for easy deep water starts, and an effortless glide that reduces any undue strain on your grip. Plus, the thinner, sharper toeside rail makes those often uncomfortable toeside jumps a much more manageable task. All-in-all, the Ronix Vault is a great value that is going to cater to the needs of nearly everyone that takes it for a rip.

Big Guy Approved Board #2

Slingshot Nomad - 150-160

Back in 2015, this was the original board to break away from the conventional and offer a series of wakeboards over 150cm. At the time, getting on a Nomad was always an enjoyable experience. It’s longboard-esque feel on the water made soul carving so much fun that going wake-to-wake became a second thought. But, when it was time to take it through the air, the board always felt too soft to really produce much pop. However, that’s all changed for 2019. Thanks to a beefed up core and all-new belly channels to increase stiffness, the Nomad is a new animal. Riders can still enjoy the playful, longboard feeling that the Nomad has come to be known for, but feel confident edging towards the wake that the board is going to have a consistent take off.

BONUS: In addition to a stiffer ride, the 2019 Nomad has also been equipped with a Ballistic Base. So go confidently into the cable park knowing you’ve got a wakeboard that can handle the pounding you’re about to dish out.

Big Guy Approved Board #3

Hyperlite Murray - 150

To say this is an easy board to ride would be an understatement. It’s long length, wide tip and tail profile and subtle-3-stage rocker make this board glide effortlessly through the water. A perfect setup for beginner through advanced riders, this board does not discriminate, but instead caters to the needs of all riders. For newbies, the size of the Murray not only makes deep water starts easy, but lends itself to being an extremely stable platform for those wobbly legs once you’re up and riding. Plus the variable edges help minimize your chances of taking an unexpected slam if the board starts to get away from you. And for the advanced riders, the subtle 3 stage rocker—paired with the overall size—produces explosive pop. To bring you back to earth safely, the mellow landing spine makes for buttery soft landings, even when you send it out into the knee crunching flats. Needless to say, you won’t be disappointed if you find a Hyperlite Murray strapped to your feet.

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