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Hyperlite Blueprint Loaded | Product Review

July 26, 2022

The Hyperlite Blueprint is a shape that was created by Trever Maur and Aaron Stumpf, designed to work well with Trever's unique riding style. For some of their higher end boat specific wakeboards Hyperlite offers two types of construction, the Biolite core and the Loaded core. We recently had the opportunity to take the Blueprint Loaded out on the water to get a feel for how it rides. Let's take a look at some of the features that make the Blueprint Loaded unique.

Continuous Rocker

The Blueprint features a continuous rocker, this simply means the boards shape will be a consistent shape from tip to tail. There are a few reasons why a continuous rocker might be preferred, and on the Blueprint the biggest benefit we felt with the rocker was the consistent and predictable pop off the wake. Another benefit of a continuous rocker is it's speed, that consistent shape from tip to tail will allow the board to carry speed into the wake with minimal resistance.  

Molded Landing Feature

A unique part of the Blueprint is the shape on the bottom of the board, which features a base that is designed to disperse the water when landing. This is great for those times when you come up short and case the wake, or send it deep into the flats. While riding this board I experienced both of those situations (jumping into the flats was on purpose, casing the wake not so much) and each time the boards landing felt manageable. However, the best aspect of this molded landing feature is that I didn’t feel as though I was struggling to regain control after a misjudged landing.

Loaded Construction

As we previously mentioned, some of the higher end Hyperlite boards are available in their “Loaded Construction”, which means these boards are created using the lightest and most responsive materials available. Being that I’m a bigger guy I opted to ride the larger 147cm size (which weighs in at just 6.6 pounds*) and the board felt extremely lightweight and floaty. I immediately felt confident charging into the wake, and rotations came around easily.


After having ridden a handful of different boat boards, the Blueprint is a shape that would cater best to riders who prefer to have a looser feel on the water. While the board had no problems edging towards the wake, the Blueprint breaks free easily, making it a lot of fun to slash the wake and carve around. But if you are looking for a straight up pop as you come into the wake, a board with a 3-stage rocker would be a better fit for you.

*The board was weighed with the fins installed but without bindings or hardware* 

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